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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just gotta love stupid benchmarks

Because I like running stupid bench marks, I thought it might be fun to see just how fast syslogintr is—to see if it even gets close to handling thousands of requests per second.

So, benchmarks.

All tests were run on my development system at Chez Boca: 1G of RAM, 2.6GHz dual core Pentium D (at least, that's why my system is reporting). I tested syslogintr linked against Lua and against LuaJIT. All were run with messages (after being processed) being relayed to a multicast address (but one set without a corresponding listener, and another set with a corresponding listener).

The script being tested was using.lua from the current version; executable compiled without any optimizations.

And the results:

Number of messages per second processed by syslogintr
Lua LuaJIT
no multicast listener 10,250 12,000
multicast listener 8,400 8,800

Not terribly shabby, given that the main logic is in a dynamic scripting language. It would probably be faster if it skipped the relaying entirely and compiled with heavy optimizations, but that's a test for another day.

Update a few minutes later …

I forgot to mention—those figures are for a non-threaded (that is, it only runs on a single CPU) program. Going multithreaded should improve those figures quite a bit.

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