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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Notes about the past few weeks


What happened?

Well …

After the trip to Orlando for a surprise birthday party, there was a another Ruby users group meeting, which immediately afterwards I came down with my third cold of this year (seriously, since January—either that, or it's been the same cold for three months; hard to say).

A week later I (along with Bunny and Wlofie) attended a special viewing of the works of M. C. Escher at the Boca Raton Museum of Art—a guided tour by the owner of the collection. Being a fan of M. C. Escher, I got a lot out of the guided tour, saw a bunch of works I've never seen before, and got to see some of the actual wood cuts and stones used to make his prints (and as the owner kept saying, any number of single works would have been enough to get Escher's name into history, so incredible was his wood engraving skills). I do want to go back and take my time viewing the exhibit (since the tour was rather quick—less than two hours with over 60 people following the owner around the gallery).

A week after that and I'm just now getting over the cold (clinic, antibiotics, blah blah).

And … well … I just haven't felt like writing all that much [You don't say? —Editor] [Shutup. —Sean], but I have been doing this for ten years now … perhaps it's time to close up shop.

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