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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brief notes about a convention


If I thought 11:00 am was ungodly, then there's no description I can give of getting up at 7:00 am (I think the last time I had to do that was … um … over twenty years ago?) in order to get to the convention. After a quick breakfast at McDonald's (where I saw no less than five (5) superheros eating breakfast—this particular McDonald's was within walking distance to the Orlando Convention Center, so it's not surprising that I saw no less than five (5) superheros at that particular establishment), Joe, Kurt, Gregory, Keith, Bunny, and I headed over to the convention center. There in the parking lot, we met up with Jeff and Tom, who drove up that day from South Florida to help celebrate Joe's birthday.

We then hiked about a mile through the south portion of the convention center to the north hall (yes, the Orlando Convention Center is at least two huge buildings), only to wait in line for about an hour to get tickets to go inside.

But once inside … oh my …

The costumes.

The displays.

The artists.

Over six hours, maybe even seven, and I doubt we saw it all (although I did meet Don Rosa and got a few autographed Uncle Scrooge prints, but I missed seeing the Mach 5—sigh).

Dinner afterwards (after some fun attempting to navigate through the Orlando traffic), then back to the hotel for some swimming and hanging out.

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