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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Technology on the edge of uselessness

Bunny is having an outpatient procedure at the Cleveland Clinic today, so here I am, sitting in the waiting room attempting to work.

And not having a very successful time of it.

They obviously have wireless, else I wouldn't be posting this, but the wireless appears to only let DNS and HTTP and nothing else. I can't even ssh out to check email.

There's also a “not quite so invisible” invisible web proxy. I wasn't surprised at the “please ignore our Terms of Service and just click here to continue” page on my first web access, but I didn't quite expect this:

This Page Cannot Be Displayed

Access to this site has been restricted

The Internet site you are attempting to visit has been blocked to all Cleveland Clinic employees

Cleveland Clinic Policy #811 permits access to the Internet only “To facilitate access to business related information and in support of hospital business.”

If you are a CCHS employee and you feel that you have received this message in error,you may email, with the URL ( ) of the website you are attempting to reach.

And the site in question? Dad Hacker? It's a programmer's blog, not a site about hacking. Oddly enough, I can reach Hacker News.

Go figure.

It is perhaps worse that it's almost useful.

I told Smirk last night that I would have my phone on my at the very least, but I just checked and there's no service at all in the waiting room. I have to leave the hospital to get a signal, and even then, all I've been able to get is a busy signal no matter what number I use to call Smirk (cell, home, business line—no go).


Technology on the edge of uselessness, Part II


Forget Dad Hacker, I can't even reach The Cleveland Clinic website from within the Cleveland Clinic!

This Page Cannot Be Displayed

The system cannot communicate with the external server ( ). The Internet server may be busy, may be permanently down, or may be unreachable because of network problems.

Please check the spelling of the Internet address entered. If it is correct, try this request later.

If you have questions, or feel this is an error, please contact Web Filter Admin ( ) and provide the codes shown below.

Oh, and I can't get to the web site referenced.

Fun times.

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