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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The quiet before the storm

It appears that things have finally quieted down at The Office. No emergencies, no “O'dark 30” phone calls. Just a peaceful day at The Office. Well, not really at The Office, since everyone at The Company works from home, so it's more of a quiet day at The Virtual Office.

Now I've really jinxed myself.

Has it really been five years since the last release?

Since it's been a quiet day at The Virtual Office, I did some work on the backend of the ol' journal here, mostly tweaking the webserver configuration (such as mod_deflate and mod_expires among other configuration changes), some changes in where certain files live and under what names (for example—the CSS now gets a unique file name for each change, which means I can set the expiration date for such files way into the future, which helps with caching and cuts down on bandwidth usage) and a few modifications to mod_blog to generate better navigational links.

It was then I noticed that the last release for mod_blog was five years ago.


Well, it's not like anyone else uses the codebase, but still, I felt a bit bad about that, so I went ahead and made a new tarball of the current version, just in case someone is interested in the codebase.

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