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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deutsch volk und westlich Musik (med några svenska rap musik)

I'm beginning to wonder about the Germans—first it's “Springtime For Hitler” on German television, and now it's Germans doing a country-western cover of the funk R&B song Word Up (link via

I don't know why, but I'm finding I like American country-western music when done by non-Americans. Okay, maybe like is too strong a word—maybe tolerate would be better. It's the finding of something so unexpected, like a plane crashing into a derailing train during an earthquake just before a gas pipe explosion, only in a good way. It's the cognitive dissonance of watching The BossHoss (the German country-western group) covering a hip hop song originally done by a white guy in a musical form originally from the African American communities.

In fact, this fascination with American musical culture interpreted by non-Americans extends even further, to Swedish rap (I blame Wlofie for bringing this to my attention—not that there's anything wrong with Swedish rap—it just find it … oh … I don't know … amusing, much like Wlofie finds our attempt at Swedish meatballs amusing).

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