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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm a bit upset that they didn't cover Nine Inch Nail's “Head Like A Hole”

In his spare time, Gregory sings in a jazz band. Tonight, Bunny and I went to see him do his 'Ol Blue Eyes impression.

As far as I can remember, every opening act I've seen has been terrible, including tonight. The less said about the orchestral band that opened, the better (I see I have written “I've died and gone to a middle school recital” in my notes for the night; Bunny told me not to be so critical, and I shot back “Why is this better than Songsmith?” She conceeded that I did have a point).

The jazz band was excellent, and so was Gregory (he had his jazz hand techinque down cold), singing out the standards and getting half the crowd there up on the dance floor, and a fun time was had by all.

MTV's The Real World: “Delivery from Angst”

You know the drill. MTV. The Real World. “Delivery from Angst.”

The gang has to put on a show, but first Mickey Rooney Scott and Judy Garland Katelynn have to learn to work together.

Once the show is past (although not without some angst from JD and Chet), Scott and Katelynn have to realize they're not on the set of “War of the Roses.” Both appear to be reliving their high school years in this episode; Scott upset that Katelynn decided to work (as a go-go dancer) instead of coming to his birthday party; Katelynn is freaking out because she has no money what-so-ever, and thus has to work (although it would help if she actually got paid). Things go downhill from here.

This very special episode of The Real World eventually ends with Scott and Katelynn realizing their friendship is worth more than some angst, and Scott offers to help Katelynn through her financial troubles with a sizable loan.

Is this show over yet? Why hasn't anyone gotten voted off the island?

Why am I still watching?

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