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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MTV's The Real World: “A Rat In The House”

I think (or rather, hope) we're at the halfway point with tonight's episode of MTV's “The Real World”—aka “A Rat In The House.”

Is it Devyn who is stringing along two men, David, her “semi-fiance” and Jim, her “um, friend?”

Is it JD who came up with the prank to put a rat in Devyn's bed?

Is it Chet, who was the one who actually put said rat in Devyn's bed? And later shames Devyn into picking one of her two men (she drops the “semi-fiance”).

Is it Ryan, who decides to take the same rat and put it in Sarah's bed?

Or could it be the pack of mice that have invaded the house?

It's like I've died and gone to high school. Or maybe a high schooler's perception of college.

Anyway, it's getting to be quite the chore watching this show week to week and realizing that unlike every other so called “reality show,” no one is getting voted off this particular island. And it might not be so bad, but the sole reason Bunny and I are watching this is to see Katelynn, and so far, there's very little Katelynn to be seen (although we did see more than we wanted of Katelynn in last week's episode). You almost forget she's there, and I have to wonder if she was aloof from the rest of the cast (or of the producers), or if she just didn't participate in enough “drama” to make good television.

And Bunny is completely convinced the entire show is scripted.

Perhaps it's the producer who's the rat.

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