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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

MTV's The Real World: “The Scott & Ryan Show, starring Chet”

It's the fifth week and finally we get a Scott episode in “The Scott & Ryan Show, Starring Chet,” this week on The Real World.

So Scott, who last week thwarted Devyn's attentions by mentioning a girl friend, got dumped, and then proceeded to bring home several different girls, thwarting Devyn's attentions this week. It's clear that Devyn wants Scott, but it's still not clear if Scott wants Devyn, although—straight male model (he hasn't pegged my gaydar, unlike Chet, but more on him later), straight beauty queen—seems quite natural to me. But perhaps MTV is trying to avoid that particular cliché (this week doesn't appear as scripted as last week but that thought is still in the back of my mind). Or perhaps he's not into Devyn all that much.

We also get some Scott cheesecake as he models in his Calvin Kleins.

Ryan didn't quite blow up as last week's preview lead us to believe, but it appears that while he loves pulling pranks, he doesn't quite love having them pulled on him. Or perhaps pulled on him as he sleeps (the whole “flashbacks to Vietman Iraq” thing). He can play the guitar though, I'll give him that (and thankfully, he wasn't singing this time). He's also melancholy over a friend committing suicide and the upcoming anniversary of 9/11.

Chet is trying to break into television. He wanted to be a host of Total Request Live, but showed up at the studio just after it was cancelled.


He does, however, get a chance to interview Pete Wentz for FNMTV while stylishly dressed as Orville Redenbacher.

JD, Sarah and Baya have minor roles this week. Blink, and you missed Katelynn's cameo.

Next week: Looks like “Kiss Me, Kate.”

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