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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Several days after G came out to me, a few of her friends show up from out of town on their way somewhere else. There was A, a beautiful woman who, from what I could gather, wasn't quite interested in men. The second woman was average and seeing how I don't recall her name, I'll simply call her Jane. The third friend, to be polite, had a wonderful personality (she reminded me of a female Winston Churchill, only shorter).

Now, E couldn't come with us, having to work, but G's girlfriend K (G & E's marriage was … complicated and let's just leave it at that) was free to come along. So the six of us, G, K, A, Jane, Churchill and I headed out into the frozen wasteland of a Bostonian winter for sustenance.

At the restaurant we ran into John (not his real name), another friend of G and the seven of us sit at a large table.

During dinner, John was holding court, talking about tea. G, K and A were deep into the conversation with John, while Jane, Churchill and I were more or less listening to the intricacies of consuming tea.

But … the way they were talking about tea I found it rather hard to believe they were talking about the consumption of Camellia sinensis. Even though green tea is often used for medicial reasons, I've never heard of a doctor prescribing it. And the side effects mentioned at the table didn't quite fit any type of tea I've ever heard of. It was as if they weren't talking about tea but about—



As in testosterone!


Much like G wasn't born a girl, John wasn't born a boy. And then it dawned on me—A wasn't always a beautiful woman, and K, who I found to be a cute geeky girl, wasn't born a girl. Jane and Churchill weren't what they seemed to be either, but they were transvestites, not transexuals.

I never expected to end up in an episode of “Three's Company” (or would that be a Very Special Episode™ of “The Facts of Life”?). Only, it wasn't bad; it was rather nice, if odd.

It was certainly a dinner I'll never forget.

MTVs The Real World: “Fidelity”

Third one's a charm and today's episode: “Fidelity,” which has neither musical nor romantic fidelity.

To recap: Ryan is trying to start his musical career, but is rebuffed by a music producer. No wonder, he sucks. Baya is trying to start something with Ryan, but is rebuffed, given that Ryan has a girlfriend. For the time being. But then Baya rebuffs Ryan for rebuffing her. The two need to get a room. Scott isn't rebuffing Devyn, but it's clear he's making her jealous with his “friend.” Devyn feels like rebuffing Scott after she finds out he lied about being single. And Scott's “friend” isn't his current girlfriend. Devyn is also reading the book Why Men Love Bitches (hmmm … ). Katelynn feels rebuffed by her current boyfriend (still in Montana) and starts heavily flirting. Boys, girls, it doesn't matter; she's smiling on the outside, but sad on the inside. She just can't rebuff her boyfriend. JD, Sarah and Chet are this week's background characters. And I'm having flashbacks to high school.

Last week's predictions: pretty darn close; denial rules the day. This week's prediction: Sarah has a stalker.

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