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Saturday, Debtember 06, 2008

Flying bicycles, floating women and jumping on the bed! Oh my!

For Bunny's Mom's birthday, we (along with Bunny's brother) went to see CorteoCirque du Soleil which is currently playing in Miami (in a big top tent no less!). The tickets were rather expensive, but seeing a Cirque du Soleil live was certainly worth it.

From kids bouncing on a bed to rolling around in huge hula hoops to the very surreal Helium Dance (which you have to see—it's just … out there, no pun intended).

But perhaps the most impressive act of the show was two acrobats, male and female, doing what can only be described as a human trapeze act (kind of like this act, but two of them on the same pair of ropes at the same time (sorry, couldn't find a clip of the actual act—apparently some of the acts change out from time to time). And then there's the man riding a bicycle in the air (again, I can't find a clip).

And at times, there's just too much stuff going on at once on the stage (circular as it can rotate because the audience surrounds the stage). It's just an incredible show to see live.

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