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Monday, March 31, 2008

CMTP, because it's no longer SIMPLE

I give up.

I have no idea how email even works anymore.

One customer keeps sending us notification messages—you know, the ones that have:


right in the middle, so of course they can't see it. I have no idea what email client they use (but I'm afraid the answer to that will be Lookout Outlook, or even worse, Lookout, Exploit! Outlook Express), nor how their email client is configured.

I suspect this is related to the server in question being under a heavy system load—Sendmail will stop processing emails when the load gets too high. That much, I'm sure of. What I'm not sure of is if Sendmail stops accepting incoming connections, or does it stop sending out emails as well. Or is that a configuration option?

And how does the <shudder> control panel Insipid fit into all this mess?

And let's not forget that I shoehorned the greylist daemon into this mess (and here I thought I fixed a problem—maybe not? Who the XXXX knows? I certainly don't).

If anyone can troubleshoot this problem (preferably with a large caliber gun), please let me know, okay?

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