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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frozen snacks at -40°

Now, about that freeze dried ice cream cookie I bought. It's frozen to -40° (at which point both the Fahrenheit and Celcius scales intersect), then vacuum-dried, at which point, you no longer need to refriderate the thing. It's also very light, at an ounce of weight.

Eating it is a very odd experience. The cookie portion tastes like any thin crumbly cookie, but the ice cream is like eating a very fine, crunchy styrofoam, although it tastes much better than styrofoam, and it doesn't really look like styrofoam or have the consistency of styrofoam, but that's the closest thing I can think of. A tasty and very fine crunchy foam.

It wasn't that cheap though—$4.00. Oddly enough though, it's actually made down here in South Florida, just off Hillsboro Blvd at a place called LuvyDuvy Corporation. They don't sell individual items though (unless you want 100 or more units). For that, you need to buy it at a place called Mountain House, which is out of Oregon. There, it would only cost $2.65 (so I'm guessing it would be fairly cheap to buy 100 units from Luvy Duvy).

Heh. I find it amusing that I have to buy the freeze dried ice cream cookie, a product of a South Florida Company, from an Oregon company who ships it back across the country. And cheaper than if I get it from the Kennedy Space Center, which is just up the coast.

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