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Saturday, February 16, 2008

“Eh … what's up, Spock?”

Here I must note another very odd aspect of the planet's physics: each creature born there appears to have a personal singularity, a storage area of sorts that allows it to procure a wide variety of exaggerated machinery and weaponry. The rooster attempted to deceive us and then strike us cranially with a frying pan. Captain Kirk and myself saw through the deception, but Doctor McCoy did not, perhaps trusting the accent of the rooster more than his common sense, and was unfortunately struck. Oddly, his skull took the shape of the pan and the Doctor suffered no lasting ill effects; the cranial distortion healed itself with a distinct "popping" type effect.

Blame theferrett for this one.

One of the more pointless exercises that geeks engage in is hypothetical fights between heros, stuff like Batman vs. Superman (my thought: if caught by surprise and taken out in the first ten minutes, the fight goes to Superman, otherwise, Batman wipes the floor with Supes) or Alien vs. Predator (Predator, because in Predator 2 (which I would think would count as canon) you see an alien skull mount on the wall of the Predator's ship), each side presenting mind-numbing details of support for their side of the argument, and everybody has an opinion one way or the other.

theferrett recently asked for possible match-ups between fictional characters and the most amusing (or most surprising) match-up was James Tiberius Kirk vs. Bugs Bunny. And I think the arguments presented an inarguable result: Bugs wins.

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