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Monday, January 14, 2008

Money money money … money

Today's theme is shaping up to be money, as I sit here paying various bills and what not.

First contestant on the Price is Right item up for consideration is this lovely reminder from a bank I don't use much anymore:

Our records indicate that your account remains overdrawn in the amount of $31.84.

Please make arrangements to deposit the neccessary funds to correct this situation. If your account is closed due to an overdrawn balance, we may send a report to ChexSystems, Inc., an account verification service, stating that the account was closed because of unsatisfactory handling. This may result in you being unable to establish an account in any financial institution for up to five years, even after you repay the debt. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact Customer Service at the number listed above. Thank you.

P.S. Don't forget the vaseline [That was uncalled for! –Editor] [Really? This is a bank we're talking about. –Sean] [On second thought, you're right. –Editor]

Now, how did I end up $31.84 in the hole? Well, that particular bank charges me for the priviledge of storing my money (in an interest bearing account no less!) and allowing me to write checks against that account. And apparently, the last fee whacked enough out of the account to cause an overdraft fee, so if I don't take care of this, then because of their actions, I'll be penalized for five years.

Why they couldn't just stop paying interest is beyond me. The account couldn't have been costing them very much. I mean, I wasn't even using the bloody thing.

Vampires—the whole lot of 'em.

And that ChexSystems, Inc.? It appears to be nothing more than a commercially supported black list for the banking industry.

It's stuff like this that just might cause me to turn into a raging Socialist. Power to the People! Ban the Man! Hey, where's my beret?

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