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Friday, January 04, 2008

One last time? Okay, make that two last times …

This tutorial will show how a blog can easily be implemented in Common Lisp, using a few frameworks. Installing these frameworks is not covered, and neither are details on getting Common Lisp implementation up and running.

Implementing a blog in Common Lisp: Part 1

Heh. I liked that bit about how a blog can easily be implemented in Common Lisp, but actually avoids the hard part, getting a Common Lisp implementation installed, which brings up one other thing I don't like about Lisp—it doesn't play well with others and wants to be the entire environment (Forth has the same problem, as well as Smalltalk).

The other frameworks that need to be installed, along with Common Lisp? One's a webserver, which has this to say about implementations it runs on:

Hunchentoot talks with its front-end or with the client over TCP/IP sockets and uses multiprocessing to handle several requests at the same time. Therefore, it cannot be implemented completely in por table Common Lisp. It currently works with LispWorks (which is the main development and testing platform), CMUCL (with MP support), SBCL, (with Unicode and thread support), OpenMCL, and Allegro Common Lisp.

HUNCHENTOOT—The Common Lisp web server formerly known as TBNL

And if you happen to have a Common Lisp implemention not listed here, well, have fun storming the castle porting the code (yes, it's a cheap shot, but it's another point against Lisp in that it tends to lack support for things that are taken for granted today that weren't some twenty- odd years ago, like networking).

Oh, and forget CMUCL, since the third framework, Elephant, isn't supported (and the one Common Lisp implemention I have installed, GNU Common Lisp, isn't listed as supported by any of the frameworks—sigh).

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