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Thursday, January 03, 2008

… and here I thought the Lego Millenium Falcon was overkill …

Holy schneikies!

[The USS Harry S Truman, minifig scale]

That's a mini-fig scale aircraft carrier!


Just … wow!

Yes, I could search any number of online forums for an answer, but in nearly every case, the default answer would be “upgrade to the latest version and try your luck again,” followed by “I'm sorry, I didn't think of that particular case … ”

Smirk called because he was having a problem with RottenCore, yet another in a long line of control panels we're using. It seems this time, RottenCore was having difficulty with creating a subdomain for one of our customers (who, I guess, was having similar difficulty in using RottenCore in creating a subdomain) and asked if I would mind looking into it.

“Of course I mind,” I said. “But I'll look into it anyway.”

As I explained, what he wanted done, the creation of a subdomain, is actually rather trivial do to under Apache. In fact, as far as Apache is concerned, a subdomain is just another virtual host. But as I said the other day, control panels are great until something goes wrong, in which case, you now have two problems—the actual problem, and the control panel.

And the problem in this case? Perhaps the version of RottenCore we're using doesn't support the concept of “subdomains.” Or it could be that RottenCore is expecting to control a DNS server. Or any number of things. I wouldn't know, since I'm not an expert in the care and feeding of RottenCore (and in a snarkier mood, I might add “nor am I paid enough to debug other people's code”).

Meanwhile, I got the subdomain going, but there's no guarentee that RottenCore won't break the fix the next time it's asked to do something, since I worked around RottenCore.

Have I mentioned I don't like control panels?


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