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Saturday, August 18, 2007

I think I'll go crawl into bed now

Not only did I lose everything related to my Stupid Twitter Project due to a misplaced rm command (and that was due to a misunderstanding on my part of how git works, which is another rant for another time), but I also found out why the graylist implementations (at least under Postfix) use a database backend—because except for the “master programmers” who wrote Postfix, externally written software by us mere peons is so bloody buggy that any external programs are only run once—or in other words, each incoming email spawns yet another process to do the graylist check.


Either I go with a database backed graylist program, or I create an additional shim piece of software to connect to the daemon I just finished.

I swear our industry rewards Rube Goldberg contraptions programming.

And to even further demoralize me, writing this entry revealed a rather bad display bug in mod_blog, which was introduced when I made a few changes the other day.

You'd think that after sixteen years someone would have fixed this problem by now.

I'm also getting pissed off that Linux and X-Windows can't seem to agree on what the Backspace character is supposed to be.

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