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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Speaking of Bruce Willis films, Hudson Hawk wasn't a bad film either

Chris Tucker should have ended his acting career after The Fifth Element. And not because his other movies suck (though they do), and not because he would prove himself to be an insufferable douchebag (which he has), but rather due to the fact that Ruby Rhod, an intergalactic superstar radio host, was literally the role of Chris Tucker's career.

Via Les Orchard, Real Men Love the Fifth Element

What he said.

And you could do worse than watch The Fifth Element—it's a great film that's fun to watch.

I hate it when I have to troubleshoot the tools required to troubleshoot the actual problem …

I wouldn't call today bad, but it certainly wasn't in the good category either. I had to go troubleshoot a customer network, which was something I wasn't in the mood for. That alone put me in a rather sour mood, and it didn't help things that neither I nor the customer had critical information about the network switches. It took about two hours (and that abomination of a program Microsoft provides called Hyperterminal—and in looking up that link, I find that Microsoft didn't even write that abomination) to secure the information that we should have had (and thus, made me angrier, more at myself than at anything else). Two hours wasted getting to a point where I could actually troubleshoot the original problem.


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