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Sunday, July 15, 2007

An analog clock

I've seen several Nixie tube based clocks this past year, but none quite like this Nixie tube clock, which uses only capacitors, resistors, diodes and lamps for the timing circuits.

So I guess you could call this an analog Nixie tube clock.

You know, Mussolini did make the trains run on time …

I INTERVIEWED Michael Moore recently for an upcoming “20/20” special on health care. It's refreshing to interview a leftist who proudly admits he's a leftist. He told me that government should provide “food care” as well as health care and that big government would work if only the right people were in charge.

Via No Looking Backwards, Freedom, benevolence go together

I think what scares me most about this Michael Moore quote is the “would work if only the right people were in charge” bit. I guess only trained professionals know what's right for our lives, and leaving the decision in our hands is right out of the question.

A moving experience, that's for sure

John Deere is helping us steer
Around tight corners in a higher gear
The heavy load of the Church Tower
Just won't move without tractor power

Here it comes!
    (Here it comes! Here it comes!)
Here it comes!
    (Here it comes! Here it comes!)

Via Gates of Vienna, How to move a 100 year old church

It's impressive seeing a church move, but it's the music that makes this video …

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