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Thursday, July 12, 2007


In Idiocracy, Private Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) and a prostitute (Maya Rudolph) are part of a secret military project that goes awry and they find themselves 500 years in the future, where the United States of America has been so dumbed down that Joe (with an IQ of 100 in our time) is literally the smartest man in the world.

Past the fart jokes, it's a rather biting satire on our current culture, one of mass marketing, post-literacy and monster truck rallyesque rehabilitation centers. As one reviewer put it:

And if the guffaws don't seem as plentiful as in Judge's previous works, it isn't due to poor quality but rather because each laugh is tempered with the unsettling realization that his vision of mankind's future might not be too far off the mark.

And if you stick around past the credits, there's a small scene that resolves a small, but recurring plot point.

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