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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Next time, I think I'll skip the pizza as a late-night snack

I was feeling a bit under the weather last night and this morning, and that apparently affected my dreams. They're not exactly nightmares (and oddly enough, that's the second time this week I've referenced that entry) but more the type of dream where everything is normal, yet it isn't.

The one dream I do remember fits that mold. I was in high school, but not the one I actually attended. This one was out in some mountainous region like the Rockies. That's the normal bit. The not-quite normal bit was when the mountains started … liquifying, but that's not quite the right term. But it wasn't exactly like a rock slide either. The mountains just … melted? But no heat was involved. Probably more like the mountains turned into a type of non-Newtonian fluid (much like cornstarch with water), upon which the school was carried upon down into a valley.

Not sure what that was all about, but at least I didn't miss the bus (which is normally the nightmare I have when I dream about school).

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