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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is what I get for trying to prove to myself that I'm not lazy.

You know, I thought, I'll get gas later. I get gas at Costco, and while Costco is on the way to Boca Raton, right on the corner of Lantana Road and I-95, it's not on the way. You have to turn left off Lantana onto a side street, then enter Costco on one corner of the lot. The gas station, however, is on the opposite corner of the lot, which requires some deft navigation, since the law in Florida is that “thou shalt make a labyrinth of thy parking lot.” Then the same deft navigation to get out of the Costco lot, back on the side street, then a left onto Lantana Road and an immediate right onto I-95. It's too much of a pain, I thought.

Then another thought from some other part of my brain forced its way to center stage: Boy, are you lazy. And because of that thought, I thought You know, you're right! Just for that, I will get gas!

So I turned onto the side street, into the Costco lot, deftly navigated my way to the opposite corner through a crowded parking lot only to find the lines at the gas station wrapping back around the main Costco building. It was like 1973 all over again.

Screw this, I thought, I'll get gas later as I turned around amidst blaring horns in an attempt to deftly navigate through the Costco lot to the exit.

I then mentally beat up that part of the brain that called me lazy.

Finally on my way to Boca Raton, I noticed that the traffic today was unusually heavy, especially given the time of day. What? I thought. Don't these people have jobs? Now I realize that Florida is one of the major tourist attractions in the United States, but Tourist Season™ is well past and now we're getting to late spring, early summer, when the alligators start to sweat. A tourist with any brains whatsoever should have left a long time ago.

What gives?

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