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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The only way to travel

Bunny and I headed down to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, located in Miami. It was well worth the drive down, to see how the masses travelled prior to the jet age.

In some ways, it's a shame that travel by train isn't as popular as it was, but even if it was, I'm sure that it wouldn't be nearly as nice as riding on the Silver Crescent. If it was, I'd probably be more inclined to travel more.

[This would make a beautiful diner.]
[See?  Now this is a dining car!]
[What people think of when they think trains.]
[I love blueprints.]
[Railroad map of Florida, circa 1904]
[I was not expecting to see this, evidence of our checkered past.]
[I found this passenger car very depressing—the seats are smaller than what you would find on an airplane!]
[The rail equivilent of Air Force One—U.S. Car #1]

Presidential Rail Car, U.S. Number 1

[The Meeting Room on U.S. Car #1]
[The Observation Room on U.S. Car #1]
[Now THIS is a train!]

Silver Crescent

[If travel was like this, I might actually travel more.]
[The bar on the Califorina Zephyr]
[Dig this obersavation lounge.]
[The upper deck looking down towards the observation lounge.]
[On the weekends, you can get tickets to ride this train, either in the caboose or the engine itself.]

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[“I am NOT a number, I am … a Q-CODE!”]

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