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Sunday, May 06, 2007

“Oversight? What oversight?”

On what complaint or authority did these detectives say they were talking to you?
On the complaint that I may have made terroristic threats through computers. At least, that's what was passed down to me from the State's Attorney through the detectives on the phone.
So who is it that you're supposed to have threatened? Is it now law in the state of Maryland that if anybody anywhere unknown to you feels uneasy at something you write, it's a crime?
Well, a terroristic threat is an old legal concept. Basically, it's calling in a bomb scare or something similar.

Now, in the second comic, there's the verbatim transcript of what I said that got me fired. And there's a co-worker who overhears it, which as far as I know is what happened. And Ian [McConville]'s drawing resembles someone in the office to an uncanny degree. Of course, he's never met her, because he lives in California.

Via Snarkoleptics, Interview With The Vampire Terror Suspect

This is for Smirk, with whom I've gone back and forth over topics like this. Matt Boyd got fired over something he said at work and was later investigated for making terrorist remarks.

Okay Smirk, how much do you want to bet Matt Boyd's name is on the No Fly List? (Also interesting is this list of people on the list, including a few American military and government workers)

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