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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

“But, it goes to 11.”

Smirk has a theory that every ten days or so, things go crazy and it's difficult to cope with what's being thrown at you.

Today is a day ten (short version—no Internet at Casa New Jersey, which means no email (and the troubles in getting an alternative email server set up), and many pointless trips to a customer site trying to get a new router configured).

But, despite how bad my day was, it wasn't as bad as Spring's, who had to endure a company work reschedule, a late train, and is now stuck in Atlanta due to a cancelled flight (she's on her way to visit The Kids in Colorado), and that's just the not so bad things that happened.

Virtually working

So, like, if Casa New Jersey has no Internet, how can I post?

I'm staying at Bunny's house. And for the next few days I'll be working from Bunny's house. Given that The Office has gone all virtual (oh yes, a few months ago actually—it's great working mostly from home and it saves a ton of money on gas), what with VoIP phones and what not, I can really work from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

And I finally got my email situation worked out.

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