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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Are all airport roads this crazy?

The Miami Internation Airport is insane.

I'm looking at it (via Google Maps), trying to find a way to head west along 836, which runs along the southern edge of the airport. See if you can find it …

You head east out of the airport, get on Le Jeune Rd heading south, turn right onto NW 12th St Dr (Street Drive?) aka NW 42nd Ct, which eventually turns into an onramp westbound on 836.

But more mind bending is the route back to 112 (how I got out of there, the Airport Expressway, which is a toll road going east, but not west … hmmmm). Follow the route to Le Jeune Rd north, but stick to the left hand side. You'll get on eastbound 112 (which at this point, is heading north) but on the left side of the road! For over a mile, you get to experience the thrill of European driving in an American car.

Not even the miles long onramp to I-95 North from Westbound I-595 comes close to this level of silliness.

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