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Saturday, February 03, 2007

A birthday celebration

Today was Spring's birthday, and to celebrate, we met up with friends for dinner, followed by dancing at Club Divine Delux.

[Friendly's, a friendly place to eat]

Dinner was at the Delray Beach Friendly's. On the way there, we must have just missed the exploding gas station that closed I-95 and Atlantic Avenue. At least one person we were expecting to show up got stuck in traffic and couldn't make it.

[Tried to get a group shot, but was told to talk to the hand]
[But a shot of Spring's hat and balloons]

After a leisurely and quite excellent dinner and dessert, we headed over to Divine's Delux, taking a round-about route to avoid the exploded gas station. We arrived about five minutes before the club opened, but since it was obvious from Spring's headgear and balloons that this was a special occasion, we were let in.

[Delux, just after it opened]
[Trust me, that's not the ceiling, but clouds!]

The place is partially open to the outside, and the above shot is not of the ceiling, but of the overcast sky (taken around 9:30 pm—the digital camera I have takes excellent photographs in low light conditions). Most of the shots of the club were taken from a rather low angle, as all the flat surfaces were rather low to the ground.

While there, we met up with Mandy and Glen. We hung around for a few minutes and seeing how the club was still rather dead (and there's no cover charge until 11:30 pm) we decided to take a walk around downtown Delray Beach.

[Walking in downtown Delray Beach]
[Why does the Bull Bar have a blue pompano as a mascot?]
[That's not a car, that's a roller skate!]

The smallest car I've ever seen—I doubt I would even fit in the thing!

[The Blue Anchor, not the Blce Anchor]
[It was quite crowded inside]

We decided to check out this English pub and pushed our way in. The place was very crowded with an older crowd enjoying a Classic Rock™ cover band. We were pushing our way through the pub, trying to find a place to hang out and found ourselves pushed right out the other side! In the process, we lost a member of our entarouge. It took about fifteen minutes, several trips around the pub, and several more inside before we found our wayward party member.

After about an hour of wandering around, we ended up back at Divine's Delux, now filled with people. We hung out, Spring, Glen and Mandy danced while Wlofie and I just hung out and enjoyed the eyecandy.

[Spring time dancing]
[It's a bit more crowded than when we first arrived]
[Some sculpture found on the way to the car]

Later, as we were waking back to the car, we found this rather odd piece of sculpture which looked like a giant pair of tweezers holding up a ball bearing, and I couldn't resist taking a photograph.

[“Release the balloons!”]
[Fly, balloon, fly!]

Getting back the car, Spring released the balloons to freedom. And if you think it's easy taking pictures of balloons floating away at night, think again.

[You don't plan to go to Denny's, you just end up there]

And of course, we never planned on going to Denny's, we just kind of ended up there.

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