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Friday, February 02, 2007

Pardon the dust

The former hosting company, the one where I'm employed as a consultant (you know, the company whose servers kept getting hacked) is currently in flux.

On top of that, a few months ago one of the servers died a horrible death, and that meant having to use the backup server (which does the backups) as a production server. I disabled all logins to that server, since it has unrestricted access to the other servers (well, server, and it's the other server that hosted my websites) but R said that the gambling company wanted login access to begin the process of site migration.

Not wanting my sites at the mercy of such unrestricted access, I felt it prudent to find alternative hosting pretty darn quick.

Like, oh … today.

Smirk was kind enough to give me hosting space, and in less than five minutes I had my own virtual server to play with.


It's been many hours, but all but one of my sites has been moved (The Electric King James Bible is proving to be a bit difficult to move, owing to the custom Apache 1.3 module that drives it, whereas the new server is running Apache 2.0—some porting is now required).

Now it's Miller DiceWars time.

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