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Sunday, January 28, 2007

A little bit of urban exploration

There's a building under contruction along I-95 just south of Lantana Blvd. that Spring was interested in checking out, although it's still under construction and access to the site is rather restricted.

[The building in question]

In order to get around this restriction, we felt it would be easier to walk along the traintracks and approach the site from the east. Once the Tri-Rail trains passed, we proceeded south along the tracks.

[Heading south along the tracks]

Unfortunately, the vegetation along between the tracks and the building in question was too thick to tromp through, and we neglected to bring any form of machette with which to forge a trail. And the one trail we did find had evidence of a homeless homestead and not wanting to provoke any confrontation, we left the area.

We never did learn what the building was being built for.

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