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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just because.

I guess the part I don't understand is the target audience. Who is so serious about writing that they need a full-screen editor, but so unserious that they don't have a favorite editor already? I've published two full- length books and posted a hell of a lot more than that, and you can pry my text editor from my cold dead hands. I'm not even going to mention which one it is; it doesn't matter. Switching to a new one would be a frustrating and painful experience that would get in the way of my writing for weeks, maybe months.

Via, Mark Pilgrim: wrongroom

It could also be “because I can.”

Or because the software being used sucks and it's easier to start over than try to work on an existing project.

Any number of reasons.

But I can certainly relate to the trauma of switching editors. Heck, it was traumatic switching email clients and I'm still finding flaws in mutt (just last night, I patched it to change the default location for saving attachments, since I hate cluttering up my home directory).

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