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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I've got some good news, and some bad news …

Today felt like one of those Bad News/Good News type of jokes. And it all started out because I needed to modify a client's managed firewall (we manage their firewall).

Bad News: I can't log into the firewall.

Good News: It probably just needs rebooting (which involves walking across the parking lot to another building to the client's office, and flipping a power switch).

Bad News: That didn't work. Perhaps it's the router in the building?

Good News: We have extra ports on that router we can try (which involves making yet another trip to the other building).

Bad News: That still didn't work.

Good News: Which means the router isn't probably at fault.

Bad News: Which means it's the cable that runs from the router to the client's office, or the firewall. Since I have no easy way to test the cable, I'll assume (for now) it's the firewall.

Good News: It's probably a simple configuration setting I forgot to save when setting it up.

Bad News: There's no way to actually log into the firewall at the client's office (doing so requires a terminal or a computer with a serial port and … well … it was probably best not to ask about using a computer with a serial port).

Good News: The firewall itself is pretty small and easy to take back to The Office (which means more schlepping between buildings).

Bad News: When powering up the firewall at my desk, it kernel panics (basically: crashes, and crashes hard) when trying to check the disk.

Good News: Maybe it's just a loose connection.

Bad News: Nope. Still crashes.

Good News: Maybe it just needs some more memory. Here, let's install a 512MB stick of memory.

Bad News: Fails to even do the self test.

Good News: We have plenty of spare Cobalt RaQs (which we use as firewalls) sitting around.

Bad News: Moving the harddrive to another Cobalt RaQ fails to produce any forward results.

Good News: Perhaps if I cannibalize the memory from RaQ I tried to use and put it into the RaQ initially used as the client's firewall.

Good News: There is no more bad news!

Oh wait.

Bad News: Gotta schlep back to the client's office to reinstall the firewall.

Good News: It all now works properly.

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