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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nice thought, but I don't think it'll work as intended

I've been hearing about the $100 laptop for some time now, and the more I think about it, the more I think it's a bad idea, but I'm having a difficult time expressing why I think it's a bad idea.

I remember back to my own days in school. My first exposure to a computer was in 5th grade, but I didn't get any access until 7th. And for me, that lasted all of two classes before I was permanently banned from using the computer (and I was still two years away before getting my own computer).

Sure, some kids will use the computers as expected.

But I suspect more will use the computers in very unexpected ways.

Some of which could lead to trouble (some of the stuff I did in college, had I gotten caught, could have had me expelled—or worse).

But that's even assuming the laptops get to their intended audience. Perhaps I'm being too cynical, but given the fact that the United Nations “Oil for Food” program didn't exactly feed many Iraqis, or that two bit dictatorial leaders kill the educated or intentionally cripple education doesn't lead me to be very optimistic about this endevour (I'm also involved in an online discussion about this topic).

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