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Sunday, September 03, 2006

So when can we expect the velvetine pictures of Einstein?

As a scientist, Albert Einstein made great contributions in physics that have enriched our view of the universe. Many of his theories and postulates were received through his clairvoyance and thus advanced our scientific world to the threshold of a fourth-dimensional or an interdimensional physics. The concept of mass being nonexistent and an illusion, and that, in reality, an expression of pure energy; and the concept that the velocity of light was not a static, constant expression of energy but was relative to the plane of expression upon which the viewer exists are two examples that will be understood as precursors in our twenty-first century science.

Via James Randi's Swift—August 25, 2006, The Genius of Einstein: Where did it Originate?

Man, I just can't get enough of the crankpots on the Internet. The stuff they write makes for some highly entertaining reading (that is, if you can understand it).

For the record, Einstein's Theory of Relativity (both Special and General) state that the only thing constant in the Universe is the speed of light (at 186,282.39mph) and far from being received by clairvoyance it's the culmination of Newtonian physics and finishes the work started by Hendrik Lorentz.

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