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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dive into Accessibility indeed

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Via Mark Pilgrim, Accessibility Statement @ (not safe for work)

I'm not sure why I found it surprising that a porn site (need I even bother mentioning this isn't work safe?) would bother with web accessibility standards, but I did. Porn sites in general have always pushed the limits of web technology (they were early adoptors of micropayment schemes, web subscriptions, flash, Java Applets) and I suppose that making a site accessible to everyone is just an opportunity to make more money (Playboy in braille anyone?).

So if a porn site can be accessible, then gosh darn it! So will my site! So I've been playing around with accessibility validator and adding some more markup to make my site here a bit more accessible.

Why not?

None are worthy to park in this spot

Last week I lost some pictures, including a few of some heavily protected parking spots in a parking garage. Well, tonight Spring and I went back to City Place (where the aformentioned parking garage is located) for some window shopping (“Would you just look at the contents of that store? What hideous furniture!”) and this time, I got the picture:

[None shall pass!]

I also got this lovely shot of the warning sticker clearly saying that pedestrians are not allowed to stand in the space, and of course, the only way to see such warning was to stand in the disallowed space.

[It can slice!  It can dice!  It can even julienne!]


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