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Monday, July 24, 2006

Me on cold medication, II

In the directory where I keep draft versions of entries, I found one labled cold.medication dated July 7th which contained the following:

I've been coming down with a cold so I ended up going to bed early last night. At about 3:30 am I found myself unable to sleep so I took some cold medication that's a cheap knockoff of Ny-Quill in a pill formulation, and then drifted off to sleep.

At 6:30 I found myself wide awake in a red convertible doing about 130 out of Barstow conversing with Hunter S. Thompson about the finer points of wumpus hunting as a swarm of bats trailed behind us.

Yes, when it comes to drugs I am such a lightweight that what some people pay hundreds, nay, thousands of dollars for better living through chemistry I can experience with cheap OTC stuff meant to fight off a cold.

And hating every moment of it.

There is no way I'm making it in to work today.

Funny, I thought. I don't recall writing that. But I must have, since it was written when I was sick. And I am a lightweight when it comes to OTC medication.

Then I noticed that the file was dated June 7th, not July 7th. Which was odd, since I wasn't sick on June 7th. It was then I noticed that it was June 7th 2005 and it all made sense. Yes, I was sick then so that's when I must have written it.

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