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Friday, July 14, 2006

“Your page must contain not more than 15 outbound links”

"Edward Taylor" <>
Links partnership request to
Fri, 14 Jul 2006 09:49:08 +0400


My name is Edward Taylor, and I want to propose you triangle (three way linking) link exchange. I can place your link on the one of the following home pages:

Page where you place my link must meet next requirements:

  1. Page Rank of the page is not less than Page Rank of our Page - 1
  2. Your page is not the page in site link directory
  3. If your page has less PR than PR of our page, then you page must be home page.
  4. Your page must contain not more than 15 outbound links.

Here is my linking info:
<a href="" alt="Phentermine">Phentermine</a>

Waiting for your decision, and responce.

Regards, Edward Taylor.

I get quite a bit of these from time to time (and I could have sworn I quoted one of these before here, but I can't seem to find it). What's funny is that Edward here is obviously using software that finds pages with a Page Rank of 5 or above (and the Page Rank of The Boston Diaries is 5), at least pulls the page down to grab any mailto: links (which I do have on the page) and sends an email to said address requesting said link exchange, but it doesn't check the number of outbound links! If it did, I wouldn't even get these as I have, at a minimum of fifty-three (53) outbound links (which is before you count links in the individual entries).

And least you think that Edward there pulled the number 15 out of the air, all the link exchange requests I get in this form all require 15 or less outbound links, as if there's some scientific explaination that says that 16 or more outbound links is bad for Page Rank (which I frankly don't care about, which is another reason why I probably won't ever make any money on this thing).


If only these people would bother to look at the pages before they spam, but alas, that would probably take too much effort.

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