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Monday, July 10, 2006


My cell phone rang.

I went to answer it, but I couldn't read it. At first, I thought the screen was upside-down, but when I rotated the phone, the screen was backwards! It was flipped and reversed. After the phone call, I powercycled the device (by removing the battery) and it's fine now.


But yes, I'm posting again!

I've been sick since June 29th with a cold and as typical with me, when I get a cold, I get a cold. Almost two weeks with gallons of snot, sleep, liquids and Vitamin C and I'm finally better.

And even had I been posting, it would mostly have consited of entries looking much like “Still sick. Gallons of snot. Tired. Going back go sleep.”

Though between bouts of unconscienceness, I did manage to collect a few links I wanted to throw out, so here they are, in no particular order:

Via Instapundit comes The Energy Family, a blog about a family trying to convert their house to run entirely off the grid.

Also via Instapundit comes this report about the lack of tornadoes in Nebraska and Kansas this year (well, at least until the fifth of July). This year we've only had one tropical storm so far, unlike last year when at this time we were at two tropical storms and two hurricanes with a third hurricane up and coming, so maybe this year will be quiet (although, looking at the 2004 season the first storm didn't form until the end of July and that was the year Florida got slammed with four storms).


Via Yet Another Really Great Blog comes … this … and really, I don't want to spoil the fun, but if you like Star Trek and Star Wars, then you should get a kick out of the video (and please, do watch it through the end, it's very amusing—it's got dancing Stormtroopers for crying out loud!).

And finally, via Michael Duff is this David Hasselhoff video (amusing in as far as it stars his old TV partner KITT).

I did mention I was sick, right?

With a cold.


(Amusingly enough, my boss Smirk called me up to inform me that I had been neglecting my duty and not updating The Boston Diaries often enough, so get on it, pronto! And to think, most people are worried about being fired for blogging, not for lack of blogging … )

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