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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Chanel the Gathering

Today I visited my friend Shadesong who was visiting her parents in South Florida. Also in attendance were (and for this entry, I'm using their LiveJournal user names) enderfem, felisdemens and we_happy_few.

Now, I thought we were getting together to hang out.

It turns out I ended up smackdab in the middle of a “BPAL greet-n-sniff.”

What is a “BPAL greet-n-sniff?”

Well, BPAL is Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs and they've applied the methods of Magic the Gathering (which is a collectable card card game) to the equivalent of Chanel №5—in other words, a collectable fragrance line.

[a thousand imps of BPAL right here …]

Yes, the group of people I hung out with tonight are BPAL junkies, sniffing their way through a thousand different scents trying to find the perfect one (or hundred) that will complement their body chemistry. Apparently BPAL has been quite the phenomenon since they started two years ago, driving sales of their perfume line by making limited edition perfumes, selling small sample sizes called imps which drive a thriving secondary market.

Crazy stuff.

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