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Monday, May 29, 2006

Plan 9 from Outer Space wasn't quite as silly

Well, I've finished reading Digital Fortress and I have to say, much like The Da Vinci Code, the writing was amateurish, with very short sentances in very short chapters, probably written with our current attention deficit population in mind. It also read like a movie, with each chapter being a scene. And it certainly doesn't hurt that it has several chase scenes and a major explosion towards the end.

But dispite the poor writing, poor characterizations, poor research and a plot that closely follows The Da Vinci Code (reknown male is killed in the opening scene, a handsom and yet very intelligent professor gets a call to help investigate some conspriacy involving said dead man who has a gorgeous bombshell with a Ph.D. helping him over the next 24 hours) I still found it to be a real page turner.

I think because I was curious as to just how bad it could be.

It was pretty bad (and don't read if you don't want spoilers).

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