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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A little fire never hurt anyone

This weekend was definitely a film weekend for me. Today I got around to viewing my current Netflix (which has been sitting on my desk for a good month or so) The Wicker Man, a low budget intelligent horror film starring Christopher Lee as the Scotish Lord Summerisle that worships the old Pagan (or Druidic) gods and Edward Woodward as a God fearing police officer sent to investigate a missing child on the Lord Summerisle's island.

It was a rather refreshing horror film—more of an essay on clashing values between Christianity and Paganism than a sea of blood and gore. In fact, there's very little gore in the film at all and only one death (at the very end). There is however, a decent amount of nudity as various Pagan rights are shown but it doesn't come across as gratuitous but as something these people do.

And to Spring's delight, it also has several musical numbers, but unlike most Bollywood films (or musicals in general) these numbers don't feel forced at all since again, it's part of their culture and the music happens organically in the film (at a pub, during a festival and during attempted seduction by Britt Ekland (who's very easy on the eyes) of Edward Woodward's character).

Now, I've forgotten why I put the film in my queue, but it was definitely worth seeing.

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