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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Spillover from yesterday

Today started out like yesterday ended. I was awaken by a call early this morning because a server I manage was down. I call over to the datacenter to have it rebooted, only to have it still down half an hour later.


Get into the data center to find: Keyboard error. Press <F1> to continue across the screen.


After that, I had to give the new server the old IP address, only it kept refusing to accept the new IP address, saying that some other machine was using it. That's odd, I thought. I could have sworn the old machine was unplugged from the network. And lo, when I checked, it was.

Turns out Smirk had moved the site that was on the old server to one of our servers temporarily, but neglected to inform me of that little detail.


Then a rash of calls and support tickets screaming about email. Over and over again I had to inform our customers that because of the denial of service attack, email got backed up and our email server was having to process a huge backlog of emails just please be patient.


Things calmed down after that.

And I'm not saying anything past that—I don't fancy jinxing myself.

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