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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Styling feeds III

A comment I received about styling feeds:

If you are concerned about the people reading your entries via RSS, change your feed to only include a subject, a link, and maybe a small snip of the entry so they will be forced to view your site to read the full entry.

That's how I've seen most RSS feeds do it these day's anyways


I responded that doing so would cut my readership (those that read through RSS would drop, and yes, it would. Some of the experiments I've read about, providing just the titles, or titles and an extract of the post, garners fewer readers than providing the entirety of the post in the feed.

And I have a nice number of people that read my site through my feed (Squeaky included). I'm also surprised this hasn't been addresses yet. Or if it has, I haven't come across anyone addressing this issue yet.

(Yes, today was a rather quiet day—why do you ask?)

Gives a whole new meaning to the term “war driving”

The expert gang suspected of stealing two of David Beckham's BMW X5 SUVs in the last six months did so by using software programs on a laptop to wirelessly break into the car's computer, open the doors, and start the engine.

Via Instapundit, Gone in 20 Minutes: using laptops to steal cars

Wow … that's pretty slick.

I wonder how long until a car gets a virus?

On second thought … I wish I didn't have that thought …

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