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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another one for the Cracker Files …

* expand_stack SMP race local root exploit
* Copyright (C) 2005 Christophe Devine and Julien Tinnes
* This program is quite unreliable - you may have to run it
* several times before getting a rootshell. It was only tested
* so far on a bi-xeon running Debian testing / Linux 2.4.29-rc1.
* Vulnerability discovered by Paul Starzetz <ihaquer at>

Nice try, I'll give them that.

I got a call from Dan the Network engineer that a machine I manage had registered a large network spike overnight. When I heard that it was a large spike from the machine, I knew it wasn't a DoS attack, but was probably participating in one.

I unplugged the machine from the network then logged in from the console. I was able to find the rouge process (masquerading as an Apache process—nice job!) listening in one some randomly picked port, giving anyone that connected to that port a commande line:

# Telnet-like Standard Daemon 1.0
#    Dark_Anjo -
#            -
#            -
#            -
#  For those guys that still like to open ports
#  and use non-rooted boxes
#  This has been developed to join in the TocToc
#  project code, now it's done and I'm distributing
#  this separated
#  This one i made without IO::Pty so it uses
#  only standard modules... enjoy it
#  tested on linux boxes.. probably will work fine on others
#  any problem...

But fortunately, the exploit (quoted at the top) didn't work on the machine so the shell obtained was a non-root shell.

Apparently, the customer account information was leaked and the crackers were able to FTP their scripts onto the server. Not much that can be done about that, other than telling the customer to keep a tighter lid on their login information.

And as I like to remind myself, it could have been worse

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