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Monday, January 23, 2006

“Waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah”

I remember having this weird dream about ten years ago or so. In this dream, my boss (it wasn't you Smirk) walked up to me, opened his mouth and said “Waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah.”

“What?” I said.

“Waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah,” said my boss. He then went around the office continuously saying “waaaaah waaaah waaaah,” even if he wasn't speaking to anyone in particular.

I do recall in my dream that a bunch of us were trying various methods to shut him up, since we all found his “waaaaah waaaah waaaaah” very annoying. After what seemed like hours, it dawned on me that this wasn't the normal behavior of our boss and that something else might be to blame. It was then I realized I was dreaming, and woke up. To my alarm clock, which was going “waaaah waaaaah waaaah waaaaah waaaaah” and had been for the past 40 minutes.

Yes, I'm a heavy sleeper.

I also found out (about the same number of years ago) that my alarm clock would simply give up after three hours of me hitting the snooze button (not only did I hit the snooze button for three hours, the alarm clock itself was on the other side of the room—yes, for three hours, every nine minutes, I would roll out of bed, take two steps across the room, hit the snooze button, two steps back and roll back into bed, without disturbing my sleep!)

I no longer use that alarm clock—oh, it still works, it's just that the hour button has broken off (personally, I would have expected the minute button to break off) so it's rather difficult to set. I've been using my cell phone as an alarm clock. No snooze mode, so I have to be semi-conscience to manually set the alarm, but the alarm itself only sounds for a minute, which may be too short a duration.

I only mention this to explain to Smirk was I was nearly three hours late to work today.

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