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Friday, January 13, 2006

More updates on the tarpit

Labrea is actually logging about half a gig a day. Over a 24 hour period (from about 6 am Thursday to 6 am today) I'm tarpitting 82,359 connections across 2,059 unique IP addresses (24,252 connections from a single IP address). And while the number of network ports being accessed has increased a bit, it's the Microsoft specific ports that are still the most popular targets (with 72% of the scans):

Top 10 ports captured by Labrea in the past 24 hours
Port # Port description # connections
Port # Port description # connections
139 NetBIOS Session Service 24941
445 Microsoft-DS Service 23013
1433 Microsoft SQL Server 6772
4899 Remote Administration 5620
135 Microsoft-RPC service 4722
80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol 3697
8080 Hypertext Transfer Protocol—typical alternative port 1686
7212 (unknown) 1683
8000 (unknown) 1471
10000 (some web based control panels use this port) 951

The program I'm using to generate the stats is written in Perl, and it took about 4 hours to run over a day's worth of data (the machine that does the tarpitting isn't the fastest machine we have, but it's more than enough to dedicate to just running LaBrea). I definitely want to write a program to process LaBrea data in real time.

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