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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


To whom it may concern:

It's Tuesday!

This is not Monday!


Repeat after me: TUESDAY!

If ever there's a day when both DNS servers fail, it's impossible to find a working serial port on a computer, my DSL connection fails, the A/C at The Office isn't functioning properly and the power cord falls out of my workstation for no good reason, it's MONDAY!


Please try to schedule any Hell Days for Monday.

Thank you.

What a fluke

From: Sean Conner <>
Subject: Re: The cable
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 05:35:27 -0500 (EST)

It was thus said that the Great Bunny XXXXXXXX once stated:

Nice save on that cable. Very intuitive. Most of us would have looked for zebras. I recently changed out an outdoor light fixture (see attached), and when it didn't work, I almost didn't think to try a new lightbulb …

Helps to have a $5,000 network analyzer that can be used to test cables (even tell how long they are!).

Bunny and I (and yes, Bunny is her real name) have been exchanging emails about the network cable I recrimped. She seemed impressed that I would admit to making such a mistake, but hey, as mistakes go, it beats adding an external SCSI drive to your primary business computer without turning it off (a mistake an old boss of mine did).

[About 15 nanoseconds for the bits to schlep through this cable]

So I figured she might get a kick out of what a $5,000 network analyzer looks like. And I think it can do more than just measure the continuity and length of network cables, but darned if I've used it for more than that.

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