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Friday, January 06, 2006

More tarpit stuff

The problem ended up being the cable; nothing a little recrimping couldn't fix.

I did however, run LaBrea on the working port last night, and have a full twelve hours of data, from 00:00:00 (Eastern) to 11:59:59, and the results are rather amusing. 55,331 port connections on hold, from 1,743 unique IP addresses. And the only surprising thing is the low number of scans for SMTP.

Ports captured during a Labrea run of twelve hours
Port # Port description # connections
135 Microsoft-RPC service 30,218
445 Microsoft-DS Service 11,813
139 NetBIOS Session Service 5,934
4899 Remote Administration 2,412
80 Hypertext Transport Protocol 1,692
22 Secure Shell Login 1,190
6129 Dameware remote administration software 486
1080 W32.Mydoom.F@mm worm 404
2100 Oracle XDB FTP Services 377
4444 W32.Blaster.Worm 372
1433 Microsoft SQL Server 258
15118 Dipnet/Oddbob Worm 140
5000 Microsoft Universal Plug-n-Play 13
2745 Bagle/Beagle/Tanx viruses 10
25 Simple Mail Transport Protocol 7
47707 unknown 5

And it seems, from these results, that simply blocking the ports used by Microsoft Windows will stop 87% of these scans (and for our particular run, if I just blocked I would have stopped 35% of all the scans—that was a particularly persistent computer).

Update on Saturday, January 7th, 2006

I may not have been properly tarpitting the connections.

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