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Tuesday, Debtember 06, 2005


I just got a copy of BBEdit and I've been playing around with it for the past few hours (way too long actually). While fairly nice (and as far as I can see, those programmers that use Macs tend to use BBEdit and really like it), I do have a few gripes about it.

  1. The PageUp and PageDn keys don't work like I expect them to work. In my world, the PageUp and PageDn will not only page the document up and down, but move the cursor as well. It does not mean page up (or down) the document only if it extends past the visible portion of the window, and most emphatically does not mean “never move the cursor.” I page up, oh, want to type over there, hit the arrow key and hey! I'm back down a page‽
  2. There's no simple key sequence to enable/disable word wrap. Yes, you can enable/disable, and I suspect you can enable/disable it based upon the document type being edited, but there isn't a way to enable/disable word wrap on the fly within a document.

Okay, only two gripes.

But big ones given the way I like to work.

I do like the ability to add extentions, and they even make a SDK so you can (if you can) program your own extentions. That may be something I need to play around with.

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