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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tracking Spam Stock II

When I wrote about the stock spams last night, I had absolutely no examples to give. But lo', I didn't have to wait long—over night I received sixteen examples, most of them reading like:

From: cristi Astley <>
To: (one of my domain contact email addresses)
Subject: H0t Pick Witth Results!_unsprayed
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 01:41:50 -0600


WallStreet Profit Picks IGTS . PK
For This Weeks Mover!

First we would like to say Thank You to all of our avid readers! We have had great success over the last few months and have become one of the most wide|y read investment newsletters in the wor|d. We have accomplished this by providing timely, accurate financial information with proven results and great returns 250 to 600 percent on every pick!

Ticker:_IGTS. Pk
Last_Trade:_. O1
Projected_Price:_. 20

Intelligent Sports taps into national franchise company, LMM Group, Inc., to set the framework for expanding nationally …

Watch IGTS . PK trade All Week Long Starting today, Be sure to get in on it and have a great payday with our other members, before the company launches a huge promotion at the end of the week! This Friday coming up the company will be launchig a massive marketing campaign with more great news to be released and next week should be over 15 to 25 cents so get in now at one cent and have a great return!

xeroxed worthier starving free

pierce undoubted thinnish nonzero

Lots of hype. Lots of spammy influences too.

So, out of these sixteen spams I got today, only four different stocks were being hawked. I checked them out and made a few guesses as to when the spammers may have bought the stock (I assumed the lowest price during the past five days).

Spam Stocks being hawked this week
Symbol # spams received Price quoted in spam Closing price today Possible Spammer price High over past five days
CWTD.OB 7 2.03 2.10 1.95 2.15
ASCE.PK 2 0.80–0.90 0.85 0.75 0.90
CEOA.PK 6 3.00 3.05 2.75 4.10
IGTS.PK 1 0.010 0.021 0.006 0.024
0.016 0.021

That last stock, IGTS.PK, had two spikes in the past five days, so for that one, I'm including both spikes. Also, it's that last one that offers the most profit of all the stocks, simply because of the sheer volume of stock one can get cheaply.

Hypothetical profits from each stock, buying at most $1,000.00 worth of each
Symbol # Shares Buy cost Sell amount Profit
CWTD.OB 512 998.40 1,100.80 102.40
ASCE.PK 1,333 999.75 1,199.70 199.95
CEOA.PK 363 998.25 1,488.30 490.05
IGTS.PK 166,666 1,000.00 3,999.98 2,999.98
62,500 1,000.00 1,312.50 312.50

So, buy some cheap penny stocks, send out a few million spams and wait a day or so for the price to rise, then sell. Two or three trades a week and you can make a decent living it looks like.

Until that is, the SEC comes knocking. Or the IRS. Or the net.cops.

I'll be interesting to watch these stocks over the next few days to see what happens.

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